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Hard to match up an Alto neck?

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I have a 99,xxx alto King/White. Looks like someone just about ripped the neck off of the top stack. Top bore is really bent out of shape. I'd like to get the horn overhauled but before I do that, I'll need to get a neck as the individual I purchased this from said neck has been missing for a LONG time. Is it hard to get a neck to fit a King/White that's heading on ninety years old? Can I just purchase a cheap neck from ebay or maybe have the overhauling guys purchase an "economical" neck and ensure a good fit? I am trying to understand if this is easy or will be a big deal. I see the zephyrs and Super 20's necks, some of which have the octave key mechanism on the neck on the underside.

Appreciate any other thoughts?
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find another of that model for cheap, and buy it for parts, thats more or less your only option. Because of changes in technology, and differences in mechanisms, itll be almost impossible to fit a neck from another make/model or age horn
That series of King altos is not the best they have made. If it needs a neck AND body work at the top, it may be best to start with another horn. I sold a decent silver plate for $150 and a gold plate for about $400 both needing pads. Even in perfect condition with new pads I would value them at $600 for silver plate, $900 for gold plate and about $500 for a lacquered one.
To answer your question, it is hard to tell without trying each neck on a finished horn.
The main obstacle to owning vintage is simply the lack of factory parts. One must have the means to fabricate parts, pay to have parts fabricated, and/or be in business of antique restoration to enjoy possible tax advantages relative to that type of business. Acquiring the same make and model for spare parts is also an option for the private collector and possibly the the most cost effective way of doing this. I personally would go modern and eliminate potential headaches.
I think that everything has to be proportional to the value of the horn. I understand that yours is a pre-Zephyr model. It is my understanding that they are not so valuable as Zephyr or Super 20 are so, looking for another horn to provide you the parts might be the only option but it won't be easy and you have to ask yourself if it would be worth the effort. Another solution would be an after maket neck. Not cheap and it might very well exceed the value of your horn. My advise, based on economic thinking, is to get rid of it and move on, unless you have special reasons to be attached to this horn.
well, if anyone has any King tenor that needs new pads and not much else, let me know!
Yeah, never buy a horn without a neck unless you either:
1) Have a spare meant for the horn in question, or know where to get one; or
2) Have about five hundred dollars and more than a half a year to wait on a custom made replacement.
What makes it worse in this case is that it's not a desirable model and any money put into the horn will be lost as the resale value will never amount to even half the cost of an overhaul.

Sell it for parts and cut your losses.
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