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Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a new mouthpiece to replace the standard one that came with my Selmer Prelude Student Tenor. I have been playing for about a year and a half and will be entering the Jazz Band at my high school this coming school year. I feel this upgrade will help open up my tone, since the piece I am currently using seems "thin" in the upper register. I want a hard rubber mouthpiece since I feel that one would fit my playing style better than a metal mouthpiece, and would allow me to have a more "full-bodied" tone. Some pieces I have looked at so far have been the E. Rousseau JDX, Vandoren Jumbo Java, Bari Hard Rubber and the Jody Jazz Hard Rubber (which includes a ligature and cap). Also, I am looking for a tip opening on the piece of around a 7 or an 8 (.110 - .120), and I currently use Vandoren V16 Reeds, Strength 3.

As far as ligatures and caps go, I have been looking at the Rovner Mark III Ligature and Cap, which is what I would need if I decide to purchase any of the mouthpieces I listed other than the Jody Jazz.

My question for you all is, what would be the best combination of mouthpiece and ligature and cap for my situation for under $200? They do not need to be any of the pieces I have listed, as long as you feel the combination fits my circumstances and is NOT USED. Your input is appreciated. Thanks.
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