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Thats right! METAL ON SAX!!! Only seems appropriate. Lol.

Actually, a local jam here I go to regularly is in a Johnny Cash tribute bar, so everything has the whole acoustic down-low bluegrass type thing going on. Acc gtr, bass, drums. BUT....the host and I used to play in a hard rock/metal band and so we have decided to make fun of metal!

Bascially, we have been cataloguing songs which allow me to feature on soprano sax over a bluegrass setup. Heres what we have come up with:

- Voodoo Chile (Jimi Hendrix)
- Soul Sacrifice (Santana)
- Send Me An Angel (The Scorpions)
- Since I've Been Loving You (Led Zeppelin)
- Fade to Black (Metallica)

lol, this is fun. Any more ideas?

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Hey, you're in Canada, why not pick on RUSH???

I think Bytor and the Snow Dog, or Bastille Day would rock.

no, wait, La Villa Strangiato, or The Trees.


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playitfunky said:
Turbo Lover- Judas Priest......Home-erotic hard rock at it's worst!!!!

I can just imagine some Kenny G doodilies over that.

IIIII'm your tuuurbo Loooover...deedly deedly deee
Tell me there's no othuuuu deedly deedly deee...
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