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I stole this from another board... Not saxophone specific, but a very important composer!

George Percy Grainger - July 8, 1882/Febuary 20, 1961 aka Percy Aldridge Grainger
I do feel duty bound to post additional Grainger information. Here are a few list of books, CDs and links that you might find of interest. If you Google "Percy Grainger" you will find about 231,000 sites. Here are some of the more important ones.

The International Percy Grainger Society: (USA)
The Percy Grainger Society: (London)
The Grainger Museum: (Melbourne)

Another site you will not want to miss is:

Recommended Books:
Balough, Teresa - "A Musical Genius from Australia", Music Monograph 4, Univ. of Western Australia
Bird, John - "Percy Grainger", new addition via Oxford Press
Dreyfus, Kay - "The Farthest North of Humanness" (Letters of PAG 1901-14), MMB Music Inc.
Fennell, Frederick - "The Instrumentalist" (3-part essay on Lincolnshire Posy) 1980, May, Sept. and Oct.
Gillies, Malcolm - "The All-Round Man - Selected Letters of PAG 1914-61" Oxford Press
Lewis, Thomas(Ed.) - "A Source Guide to the Music of Percy Grainger" Pro/AM Music
Osmon, Leroy - "His Name was Percy Grainger" RBC Publications (San Antonio, Texas)

Recommended Listening:
Mark Custom Recordings - "The Music of Percy Grainger" Vol. 1 - 4 Univ. of Houston (Eddie Green and Tom Bennett Cond.)
GIA Pub. Composer's Collection - "Percy Aldridge Grainger" North Texas Wind Sym. Eugene Corporon Cond.
Hyperion - "Grainger: Jungle Book"
Move - Percy Grainger "Tuneful Percussion" performed by Woof!
Chandos - "The Grainger Editions" Vol. 1 - 19 (Vol. 5 & 9 are great!)
Helicon Classics - "Grainger & Bolcom: Music for Two Pianos"
London - "Salute to Percy Grainger", Benjamin Britten and the Eng. Chamber Orchestra (Britten's last recording)
Philips - "Danny Boy", Songs & Dancing Ballads by Percy Grainger

After hearing Colonial Song, the great English conductor Sir Thomas Beechem told Percy, "Perks, you have managed to compose the worst composition of the 20th Century."

"I don't especially value 'originality' in art, as I consider the communal development of folksongs is no whit inferior to the original achievement of a great outstanding 'original' genius. It is the universal that pulls me in all matters and I am more thrilled by these points that all people have in common than in the special achievements and specialness of individuals". Percy Grainger
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