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Had my last 2 wisdom teeth out today.

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I don't have any gigs 'til December so I decided to get my last 2 wisdom teeth taken out while I had the chance. I had the top 2 taken out 8 years ago and had the bottom 2 taken out today. My mouth is still numb. :D Since I can't play for about a week and a half, I'm going to use this break as an opportunity to take my horns into the shop for a checkup. I've been too busy to be able to do either thing (extraction and horn maintenance) so this seems like the right time. I've got plenty of Vicodin. I just wish the Novocaine would wear off so I could eat something. I'm starving.
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Hang in there Clay.

I'm sure you'll bounce back quick.

I had mine done over 20 years ago. The dentist I had recommended doing one side at a time (top and bottom) so only one side of the mouth had to be numbed up at a time. I did one side and then the other a couple of weeks later. If I remember right, I wanted them out while I was still on my folks insurance. LOL
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