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H.Couf Superba I Ebay Value?

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SN 77xxx Superba I tenor sax staring bid is $1450. Too much or just right. Condition listed as very good.

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Pgraves said:
"Maybe 20 produced" Where did you get that information?
i was curious about that too

maybe 20 years worth of Couf horns produced. which makes them less rare
but then DJH horns, which are JK, which are Couf horns are a bit more rare as they only had a few years of production, but still the same (approximate, with some keywork mods) horns.

but hey .... as Dr G would say .. nevermind - he bought a SX90R
I absolutely love Couf tenors - their flexbility is fantastic. BUT i sold mine becz of the RH ergos .... yes, it was that bad for me. I have fused bones in my wrist and I don't have too much flexibility. I A/Bed with a Selmer and I could play so much faster with the Selmer. I had owned Couf tenors for a couple decades - no wonder i never play my couf alto (i have a Couf and Selmer alto too).
the VII LH table keys are wide. but i place my pinky in a small area next to each key - on all horns. so my pinky does not move much .... just so much visual area to possibly put your pinky.

The VII tenor key was originally built with too much gap between the keys. the later ones dn't have that gap - they shortened the tabs between the keys. the early VIIs you have to move your pinky alot (but i shortened the tabs on mine so it's a shorter movement)

on my Couf tenors it was basically this
the thumb rest was 1inch too high. i put a spacer in it which positioned my hand much better to the DEF touches and RH pinky. RH pinky was perfect. But then i also noticed that the thumbrest was too far left. i created a temporary thumb thing to move my thumb around. but no matter where i put it there was something wrong here or there - side keys, pinky keys, DEF side/top F#.

I really didn't notice this much over the years - in HighSchool everyone played Coufs (except my main alto was a Selmer) - my tenor was a Couf - school horns were Coufs (mr coufs store didn't sell any Selmers either).

i never really noticed any speed diff until i tried playing flight of the bumblebee on tenor - i play it at about twice the written tempo. i've always played it on my selmer alto & clarinet. but i all of a sudden could not play the RH fast. strange eh ? I had a SBA in at the time and A/B the two. I could out play myself on the selmer (hey, plus the tone was legendary SBA). i then ABd Selmer copies and found that my RH was faster on those too.

I then pulled out my altos and had he same issue. the RH problem is there on the alto too though not as prevalent as on the tenor. I could outplay my couf alto with my Selmer.

BUT my wrists and arms have fused bones in them. for instance, i could never wait on tables becz i cannot hold a tray flat at shoulder level (neither can my kids). so i have less flexibility than most.

i'm sure if you searched the Couf section here you can find the thread - from a couple years ago.
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The selmers etc have offset stack keys. The RH stack is offset towards the hand.

THe JK has straight stacks. the RH is not offset and are in a line to the top stack
btw, I really miss the other keywork and tonal qualities of the Couf. The VII, for some reason, is more SBAish. yeah, weird - maybe that's what i want it to sound like and i'm hearing something different.

i have been debating ever since on getting a Couf as a backup horn .... i must be insane
actually I also prefer the non-articulating LH table keys of hte Couf. It's small, and fast. I can outplay my Selmers in this area.

The Couf uses more simplistic keywork there too - no C# closing mechanism - if you have a lazy pinky and hit the C# and B/Bb then you will open the C# too.

But I was taught on a Couf Royalist II, so i never had an issue with non-articulating and stuff keywork. I prefer the simplier designs. wish I could put the SBA table keys on my VII (i prefer them over the VI table keys)

hmm .. wish i could afford and SBA ..
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