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Excited to offer THIS one, RARELY do I get a horn in in this kind of existing condition.

...a J.Keilwerth-made Couf Superba I from 1986. Original lacquer 90%, this horn has obviously been very well-cared for throughout its life.

So.....this Alto. A fabulous specimen ! Original lacq almost completely intact, just some scratches and very minimal spotting. No dents or significant dings. Horn has received the full on treatment:

Chem Bath
Soap Bath
Hand Polish
Hole leveling
Rod and screw cleaning
4 pads replaced (the rest are in excellent shape)
Key swedging
Reassembly and regulation

Beautiful sax, arguably Keilwerth's finest vintage model ever. Keywork and rollers are free and snappy, ergos comfy, intonation in the pocket. Free blowing. And of course, the BEST part - that classic JK tone. Big, wide, dark, lush harmonics, and a nice bit of edge.

Comes with original Couf case which is in structurally fine shape, interior in excellent shape. Exterior is dinged up a bit but it is aesthetic only.

Ships from NM, US. International shipping considered.

$985 Paypal, US Postal MO, Bank Cashier check. Discount if paid via Paypal F&F method.


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I haven't seen one of these with a detachable bell brace...ever! And if I'm not mistaken these horns typically share one set of posts for the low Eb and C pinky keys.
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