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A few years back i bought a Baritone saxophone, which i've always wanted, and now i'm trying to find out what it is. I've tried finding information on this but the Bundy name keeps coming up from different places and eras so i'm a bit confused. A couple of years ago i had it restored from a dent I got transporting it and the repairman said it was a student saxophone. I've heard different info on this as well. All I can find on it is the logo on the bell, H&A Selmer bundy, and the serial number under the text "made in Germany" on the "back" #53686.

The reason for my inquiry is that i'm thinking of selling it and haven't found any for sale that's in good playing condition.
Any and all help would be appreciated.

IMG_20190418_181028_4.jpg IMG_20190418_181107_6.jpg IMG_20190418_181125_2.jpg IMG_20190418_181141_4.jpg

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