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Guitarbooks v.s saxbooks?

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I've been playing sax for one month now. And I've played guitar for 11 years. I'm fairly new to the jazz idiom alltogether. but I have purchased a couple of books on the subject aimed at the guitarist. So far I've been using the guitar books for the sax aswell (doesn't matter that the keys are wrong when I play by myself and I don't use the recordings when I play sax.)

The books I've used are Complete jazz guitar method (mel bay) and jazz improvisation for guitar a melodic approach (garrison fewell).

Since I've seen a couple of sax/guitarists like myself here on the forum I was wondering if I'm missing out by not bying "saxbooks" is there alot of info that I don't get? So far I've been using the books mostly for scales and general theory bla bla bla. But as I'm digging deeper and deeper I was thinking that there might be some aspects of sax playing I can't learn from guitar books. Or do I cover the gap by listening and transcribing saxophone players??

Would appreciate a sax teachers take on this
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You should be able to use your guitar books and adapt the theory to the saxophone. It might likely give you a unique approach to the horn. Many folks study piano books and adapt the lessons to saxophone. Its not unusual.

Having said that, you should know that some lines are idiomatic to certain instruments and you will need to know some of those patterns and motifs on sax. Easy enough to do. Go forth!
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