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Guess the baritone mpc!

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Okay, despite my screen name, I am primarily an alto and tenor player. I've got only a handful of baritone gigs a year. With that said, I am always looking for a better mouthpiece for baritone (and all my other horns as well).

I just made a rare baritone appearance on a friend's recording using a new (new to me at least) mouthpiece. Can anyone guess what it is?

The tune is called "Bunny". It was written and arranged for octet by Lucky Thompson and transcribed by Chris Byars.

The recording features the Chris Byars Octet with yours truly on baritone, Chris Byars on his 1940s Conn 10 tenor (with old NY Meyer), Jerry Dodgion on Jerome Richardson's old mk6 alto (with a Morgan of some kind), and a bunch of other cats (none of whom play saxophone).

The tenor solo is first, then baritone.
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Hey, that was a nice tune and a great bari solo. I have no idea what mouthpiece you used, but I really like the tone quality that you got from it. What was it? I just took delivery today of a JJ Classic 7 for my bari today and liking it so far, but it only has about an hour on the odometer so far. I'm a late bloomer (actually last played bari about 41 years ago, so i am still basically a neophyte at this).
No clue but I think you sound great man!

I'll guess...a Berg ;)
I'd say either a link or maybe a Runyon quantum?

Tell me I'm right! :D
Andy - I really dig your sound on the Bari...not just the solo, but your ensemble parts were really well done too!

I'm going to take a guess....NY Meyer. Seems like more and more folks are discovering Meyers for tenor and bari these days.
Sounds great. :)

Peter Ponzol Custom is my guess...
Sounded like a Rico Royal Graphtonite. ;<)
Don't think so. When I click on it it opens a new tab in FireFox and loads up in QuickTime...
I don't know, but you sound killer.
So what is it?
It was an old "Woodwind & Co." re-faced by Norbert Stachel. It was the same type of piece that Harry Carney played. I asked Joe Temperley if Harry's mouthpiece was really open. He said: "No! It was stock, but Harry Carney had an enormous head!". It's more funny with a half Scottish/half New York accent.

I just bought a Rico Royal mpc, but it hasn't arrived yet. I'd also like to try a Runyon and a good Berg. I've only tried sh*tty Bergs to date.

Oh yea, I was at USA horn the other day, and I tried a new Babbitt-produced Meyer and it was pretty good. I guess a NY Meyer might be even better, no?

Well anyway, thanks for all of your kind comments. I'll post an update when I get the next baritone piece.

BTW, if anyone wants to trade an old Fla. Link or NY Link, I've got an MC Gregory like Mulligan used to play. It too has been re-faced by Norbert Stachel.
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Damn! Sounds REALLY good! Sounds like Harry Carney? Not sure what mpc
(now I know what to sound like when I play!)
BarrySachs said:
It was an old "Woodwind & Co." re-faced by Norbert Stachel. It was the same type of piece that Harry Carney played.
You've confirmed my fears that I have to buy one of those.....
Dr_sax said:
Can´t listen to the mp3. Server down?
Remove "%" and insert " " or go back there:

Now it´s working. Great sound. Just keep the mouthpiece. You don´t need an other one.
Did Norbert do anything to the inside of your mouthpiece, or did he just adjust the facing?

You should definitely play more baritone. I know, I know. Just get a harness, alright, wimp?? ;)

That is a great sound and really tasty playing, both soloing and the ensemble work! What is the original model of the mouthpiece?

After listening to your clips, I checked Ebay found a Woodwind and Co. NYB4* and it absolutely sings! The sound is resonant, full rich and dark! What a pleasant surprise! The best part is with shipping, it cost me less than 60 bucks!

What reeds were you using on the recording?

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