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guardala tenor/yamaha flute/link mpc

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on august 9 the band's trailer was stolen from the airport plaza best western hotel in reno, nv. reward for return of items, no questions asked.
a) guardala black nickel tenor model DGTSNYBN, serial 012812, in an skb contoured case. answers to the the name of livia.
b) yamaha open hole low b foot sterling silver flute model YFL481H, serial 318055A
c) otto link gold "wt" tenor mouthpiece circa 1970
d) black gig bag 20"x12"x8" with miscellaneous items including wireless in-ear monitor with receiver and custom molds, wireless sax mic with transmitter, and shure sm58 mic
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kudos to the south salt lake city detectives who spotted my stolen sax and mouthpiece at a swap meet and arrested the sellers. livia is coming home!
Wow,,man how cool is that...your a Lucky man.
Cops probably wont take the reward $$ but you could hook them up with a dozen Krispy Kreem's..

Congrats for sure
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