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Grenadilla Wood, Environmental Effects, and Organic Bore Oil

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The best read on this subject that I have read to date:

by Larry R. Naylor

"I have received copies of Web discussions, involving whether grenadilla instruments can become blown-out, from customers and repair technicians from around the country. Since I have been restoring instruments in this condition for many years, I assumed that most musicians were familiar with this problem. Apparently, this is not the case. Identifying slowly accumulating problems with one's instrument can be problematic because most experienced musicians can readily accommodate to, or compensate for, these changes-up to a point.

Some musicians are not as sensitive to idiosyncrasies in their instruments; they tend to "drive" an instrument rather than play it. I suspect that some musicians may have only experienced instruments in a relatively compromised condition, thus they do not perceive performance problems on their current instrument; they are unaware how good an instrument can be. For example, a comment I frequently hear from first time clients is, "I didn't know my clarinet (oboe, English horn) could play like this!"

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while it is true that returning a clarinet to the customer too fast and using the soaking method can cause disasterous results down the road

see this pic that shows the nice mold growing under things

If i read the article correctly (though quickly) his immersion process which includes drip drying takes 7 weeks.

this 7 week process makes me very curious. usually my hand oiling takes at least 1 week but usually 2 weeks at the minimum (this excludes any time needed to acclimate the instrument to a stable condition due to weather, etc).

I may purchase some of his oil and chat with him a bit more and try his 7 week process (assuming he releases enough info about it) on my 1920s Selmer.
The Bore War

Darth Almond oil vs Luke Special Bore oil

both use the nut pressing force to their advantage
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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