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Greg Fishman Interview

Part 7

by Ed Svoboda
Greg Fishman

At this point we spent a moment or two making sure that the safety cassette was still going as the interview was being recorded on a PC which neither of us had a lot of faith in. This led to a discussion of technology and the pop culture of the 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's which led us to talk about old horns and equipment.

Ed Svoboda:
Speaking of things that are older. Personally I'm more of a vintage horn guy. And I noticed tonight that you aren't exactly playing a new horn either. Your tenor is a little older than mine. When it comes to students though, most kids and I fell prey to this when I was a young kid want a shiny new horn. My Grand Father told my folks that he could probably get me a nice used horn but I said no I don't want a used horn. I think he meant Super Balanced Action or Mark VI as a used horn and instead I ended up with a Bundy II! This has proved to be one of the more dumb decisions ever made by my fifth grade self which I still kick myself for. When it comes to your students what do you say about equipment? Do you give them any advice on equipment or do you let them go on their way and learn the way we learned - make mistakes along the way?

Greg Fishman:
I think that we all learn from our own mistakes. Sometimes we have to play a lot of different horns to discover what works best. I grew up playing on a King Super 20, and I loved it, but then about eight years ago, I found a Selmer MK VI that I just loved. (Serial number 108,xxx for your readers who like to talk about serial numbers.) I've had several other MK VI's, but I always end up back on the original one that I liked, the one that made me switch from the King. However, I don't rule anything out. If I found a new horn that I liked better than my MK VI, I'd switch to it in a second. So far, I just haven't found anything that I like better.

The same goes for mouthpieces. I usually play an early Babbit Otto Link 6 with a Vandoren V16 #3 reed, but once in a while, I like to switch to a metal link or a more modern type of mouthpiece. I also have an Oleg metal tenor mouthpiece, a #7 that I really like, and I've been playing it lately. Interview Part 6Fishman Interview Part 8
Greg Fishman:Biography
Created: September 19, 2005.
Update: October 3, 2005
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