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Great shoulder strap (I use with Hiscox tenor case)

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I like my Hiscox Pro II tenor case but I HATED the shoulder strap. I bought another from Amazon but it wasn't much better. Then I was buying a carryon case from Tom Bihn - I've been using their excellent messenger bags for years - and I noticed their "Absolute Strap" and thought I'd try it. Not only does the strap "say put" on the shoulder, I'll swear it makes the case 5 lbs. lighter. Highly recommended. My adjustment was to take up virtually all the slack on one end of the strap (the "narrow end" of the case) and let the other end out all the way.
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Not sure about those plastic snaphooks... I just had a big scare with a plastic hook breaking on a neckstrap (see my other posting). To me the best strap for a sax case is the one made by BAM. Metal lockable carabiner hooks, padded over the shoulders.
It's available on Amazon for example:
The Tom Bihn "Absolute Strap" has metal snaphooks.
The description in the OP's link says: "Heavy duty plastic snaphooks with metal bail". Looking at the pictures it looks like the hook is plastic, only the bail is in metal.
You鈥檙e right, it looks like the Absolute model is all metal hook. The others are plastic.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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