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Hi all:

I just received this concert info from a former classmate and friend Wallace Halladay:

with Wallace Halladay

THURSDAY 18 October @7:30pm in Waterloo (at the University Humanities Hall)
and FRIDAY 19 October @7:30pm in Guelph (at the River Run Centre).

programme includes:

SCHMITT Légende, op.
for saxophone and orchestra (1918)

IBERT Concertino da Camera
for saxophone and orchestra (1935)

KANCHELI Night Prayers
for soprano saxophone, string orchestra and tape (1996)

MULDOWNEY Saxophone Concerto (III)
for saxophone and orchestra (1984)

plus shorts from Charlie PARKER with Strings and Rudy WIEDOEFT "The Kreisler of the Saxophone"

Hope to see you there!

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Good on him. I wonder how much he hustled or invested for this opportunity. I really wish I could be there.

He doesn't know me, but if you happen to see him, tell him I'm pulling for him from the deep south.


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Hmmm Canadian. They have more money for grants up there.:twisted:

A very impressive lineup of music. All in one sitting?

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Wallace is a great player. Studied in Holland with Bornkamp.

As for the grant thing - you can usually only get money here for new Canadian works.

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It varies from province to province. In Sask. you can get funding for specific projects like this, but your case is certainly aided by including Canadian content, or content from a Sask composer.

How helpful is the Ontario Arts Board Merlin?
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