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Putting in a good word for Matthews Music in the Netherlands....

I ordered a Bam High Tech case for alto from Matthew's Music and they were terrific. They promptly responded to my online inquiry in April about the case and availability and gave me an excellent price on one, including international shipping to the U.S. The case was not in stock and I was given a timeframe of around 4 months, and they placed the order with a 10% deposit, the remainder due when the case arrived from Bam. Online communications was prompt and clear throughout, and they informed me the case arrived in June....2 months early! I had the case within a week that they notified me it arrived.

I will not hesitate to go to Matthews again in the future- great price, good communications and customer service, and I like their business practices. Thank you Thijs!

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Good to hear!

They have been one of the best addresses in the world for years in terms of service, quick response and personal touch. The operation is run by a team of less than 10 people from the lovely village of Edam and works like clockwork. Everyone is trained, drilled and ready to help.

I have recently bought for a friend a Yanagisawa Curved soprano which they could provide quicker and cheaper than anyone else in the world.

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I've mentioned Matthews Music many times over the years - bought a few things from them, too. My wife and I visited the store two or three years ago while on river-cruise out of Amsterdam. VERY friendly. DAVE
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