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Great experience with Graysax and jazzbo

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I want to take a moment and share some great experiences I’ve had recently with members of the SOTW community.

In my searching for a better baritone, I had the good fortune to buy horns from jazzbo and Graysax. Communication with both was quick, straightforward and honest.

I bought a YBS-62 from jazz and after the deal was made, Jim agreed to drive 6 hours to meet me half way between our respective homes, so we could avoid shipping the big horn. This was a remarkably nice gesture that made the entire transaction so much easier than it could have been!

About a week later, I bought a 1933 Conn 12M from Graysax. It’s tough for anyone to describe an older horn; how it plays, what the tone is like, the intonation and walk the line between fact/opinion, but I think Charlie nailed it.

They were both easy and honest transactions, but I was struck by how great it was to meet new guys in the “Saxophonist’s Club of the World”. I got to find about Jim’s experiences playing in the 1:00 band and about his son who is a monster player in his own right. I was inspired by Charlie's Hudson Valley Saxophone Orchestra - (look out for the St. Louis Saxophone Orchestra someday!) and hear about his son’s journey in the world of music.

Jim and Charlie both reaffirmed my experiences that the world is actually a pretty nice place after all, because of good people like them.

If you get a chance to do business with Jim or Charlie, don’t hesitate.

By the way, if you’ve read this far, you probably had the thought “2 baris!? This guy must have the most understanding wife in the world!” I do, but that’s a story for another day!

-- Aaron
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