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Great Bob Reynolds Tenor Sax Solo Transcription on Donna Lee

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Here is another transcription of a great tenor saxophone solo by Bob Reynolds over the Charlie Parker tune Donna Lee. This is a video I discovered on Youtube a number of years ago. I immediately decided I wanted to transcribe this solo and put it into a folder on my computer entitled "Solos to Transcribe". Unfortunately, like many things in my life, this solo didn't get the transcription attention it deserved from me until recently.

I found some other transcriptions of this solo out there on the internet but as I played through those transcriptions, I noticed some notes, rhythms and lines that I thought were "not quite right" (in my opinion……) so decided to transcribe this Bob Reynold's solo on Donna Lee for myself.

Some great lines and ideas in this tenor solo on a classic bebop tune! (the transcription is for Bb and C instruments as well) Enjoy!
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