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Getz meets Mulligan to me is one of the greatest albums ever made. The playing is incredible.
Great Bari playing by BOTH of them!!!

The other album that I love and it's a real shame that you never hear anyone talking about it, is:

Ronnie Cubers "Cuber Libre" ----> KILLER!! KILLER!!! KILLER!!

Want to learn jazz vocabulary?....listen to this album and you'll get everything you need.

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Gary Smulyan with Strings . Bob Belden did the arrangements . Gorgeous session .

Track list here :

Sample track here .

It's funny.. I never saw the movie The Bad and the Beautiful(RIP Kirk Douglas)until years after I bought this CD.
So, I didn't make the connection when I first sat down to watch it .
When I heard the song during one of the scenes I thought: 'hey, I think I recognize that tune..'

Well, duh .. it's the title track ! :lol:

I'd just gotten ahold of my 1930 Conn Tranny Baritone in 1998-ish. shortly before I found this session.
Very inspiring to know that it could sound this great . Thanks, Gary !

1 - 20 of 82 Posts
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