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Got this metal vintage Berg, I like it and want to know more about them, what do you know?

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recently I bought this one to another forum member and after a few days playing I'm really loving it. However the tip is a bit big(115) and I had to go to a really soft reed. I read they usually have wrong openings stamped and all that but I think this really is a 115 or even more from my feelings. Now I´m trying to find a similar piece in a smaller tip and looking at the market for Bergs.
Seller says that it is vintage but he doesn´t really know if it has been refaced at some time. For me it looks like it has thinner rails than others I´ve looked at. Also the baffle has smoother profile where others seems to have more of a sudden fall after the tip zone. The sides have some strange rugosity, that´s not any sculpting work, more of a flaw of the metal in that place. The table shows circular machining marks, so it is not from the older ones, but is it still considered vintage? I have found other sale threads with same kind of Bergs and they say "vintage". This one has no offset numbers.

I really don´t mind if it is vintage or not, I just want to learn something that helps me when looking for a smaller tip one. I have tried other excellent metal pieces, and the one I was more confortable on was a Guardala Crescent, but it was really brighter than I like. This Berg feels to me like that Guardala but a lot warmer.
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Some news, 110 Berg got here and I took some photos. To my surprise, it has the same marks in the chamber sides as the 115. Baffle ramp height is a bit higher. Played it this afternoon and found it harsher with not enough warm, feels like it would be nice for louder settings.
I'll refrain from saying "told you so". :)

But yeah, other things being relatively equal, higher (or same) baffle + more closed tip = brighter, harsher sound.
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