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I am really glad that I got my tenor Bam case back afetr close to a year of abscence!I sold my Z last winter,and of course had to let go the Bam case that I purchased a few months before the Z!
So I ended up getting a Selmer with the good scare leather case and also came with it the leather cover over the case,,,even more weight! That particular case is wonderful and very protective,,but also very very heavy!
I really did missed my Bam case for a good while! My friend did sold his Z to get another unlackered Z,,so I ended up getting my case back !I am very happy to carry my tenor again in a third of the weight of the original scare case from Selmer! I am keeping both cases,and will take the scare case when needed!Treu the original has much more room to carry al the reeds,etc,,,,but we always carry another bag for other stuff anyways right!
All the best
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