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Got me a new horn!!!

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Looking for a clarinet to double on from my tenor sax. Found a gem at a flea market, I picked up an A Fontain, made in france, clarinet. I took it to my tech to see what it needed and what she thought. She set it up and replaced some cork and fixed one minor issue and said it is a SWEET horn. I couldn't find much info about this brand but she has worked on 50 plus and said everyone she touched was a good quality instrument. I took it to the guy I am taking lessons from, he played it and agreed, very sweet. It's a wood horn, very well constructed with a great sound. I need to pick up a mpc, it came with a crap one. These things appear to be well underated and can be found cheap. I have maybe $120 into it.
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Congrats! I have fiddled around with A Fontaine clarinets and also found them to be solid players. They are a "stencil" brand (made by someone else, then branded "A Fontaine" later), and many were made by Couesnon, who was a high quality manufacturer. They tend not to resell for much money (neither A Fontaine nor Couesnon are brands most people remember today), but they can be terrific for doublers, adults returning to the instrument, etc. Just watch your intonation -- it tends to be a little "iffy" depending on the horn and its specifics.

Good luck!
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