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good soprano to learn on

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i'm looking for a good, cheap soprano to learn on?
any suggestions?
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I started playing soprano on a MK VI. It wasn't a particularly good one, but it was in more or less good condition. It was a loaner from college and I count it as a blessing. I spent plenty of time with that horn and never found the keywork to be difficult - it was what it was. If I had started on a different soprano, the MK VI keywork would not feel so great, that inline thing is not for everyone for sure. I'd suggest you get a VI or a VI clone for a starter horn so you aren't limited by keywork down the road when you want to move up to a better instrument. The newer style of palm keys aren't a problem to move to from the inline, but going the other way isn't so easy for some.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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