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good soprano to learn on

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i'm looking for a good, cheap soprano to learn on?
any suggestions?
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I don't think there ARE any good, cheap sopranos. There are some good inexpensive sopranos and calling Dave Kessler for one of his house-branded sopranos or an Antigua is a good recommendation.

I know - it IS parsing a bit, but the words "good", "cheap" and "soprano" should never be used in the same sentence. DAVE
The chances of coming up with a "good cheap soprano" are a long-shot. Yes, it would be nice - but rare. DAVE
Fighter: The Elimona designations were Yanagisawa's top model at the time they labeled their saxophones "Elimona." Hardly a low-line soprano.

Next, there was an earlier discussion here on SOTW where many of us seemed to agree that "cheap" was different from "inexpensive." True, a matter of semantics, but when we usually discuss cheap saxophones, we mean those from China or India with brand-of-the-day markings and intonation so poor one couldn't play the horn alone.

There is nothing wrong with a nice vintage soprano (I own two) nor the many inexpensive ones one the market today (Antigua, etc.; I own one). But when a newbie wants to buy a soprano, please advise them to stay away from the cheapies. Like has been said here many times, a beginner on soprano needs all the help he/she can get WITHOUT fighting the horn (a typical result when buying a CHEAP soprano. DAVE
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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