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Good sax repair tech in Southeastern Indiana

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Hello all, not too long ago I became the new owner of a 1954 Selmer Mark VI alto. It sounds great and doesn't play too bad but it's on original pads and a lot of the cork on it is either gone or compressed so i've been looking into getting it sent out to be repadded/overhauled. Does anyone have suggestions on good repair techs in south-east Indiana? Also, what would be a fair price for a repad? Paiges Music out of Indianapolis quoted $700 for a repad/partial overhaul. Any help would be appreciated.
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I've heard great things about the Henline's Instrument Repair in Bloomington. Some players I know from the Jacobs school went there to get their work done. Most repads (if they are not a full overhaul) are 500-800 in my experience, although I don't have nearly enough to guarantee the accuracy of that. Good luck!
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