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Good sax repair tech in Southeastern Indiana

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Hello all, not too long ago I became the new owner of a 1954 Selmer Mark VI alto. It sounds great and doesn't play too bad but it's on original pads and a lot of the cork on it is either gone or compressed so i've been looking into getting it sent out to be repadded/overhauled. Does anyone have suggestions on good repair techs in south-east Indiana? Also, what would be a fair price for a repad? Paiges Music out of Indianapolis quoted $700 for a repad/partial overhaul. Any help would be appreciated.
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I have tried to search the forum for you but curretnly the search engine works differently than the previous one, with which I could search without too many problems, and I am not yet capable to use it efficiently.

Besides you don't ask for the whole state but a very specific area.

In Central Indiana I found this

this is in other areas of the state

anyway, prices for any kind of service or overhaul are all over the place in the US and there are frequent discussions about what is a fair price and what isn't.

$700 for a partial repad , sounds like a lot of money to me, but much depends on the labor cost and overhead , people often comment that a shop in NYC or San Francisco pays a lot for this, I am not sure that Indiana qualifies as one such place.

I can only tell you that €500 in the NL is good money for a total repad including premium pads, cleaning, undenting and some solder work and that €800 would buy you one in the best shops in the country. Labor costs, overhead and taxation in Northern Europe are generally considered very high and most shops, thrive, charging that kind of money.

Good Luck!
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