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Good results with in ear monitor?

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After a long search you spend a lot of money to buy the sax that sounds you like. You experiment with numerous mouthpieces until you find the ultimate combination. Then you start playing in a band and need some monitoring. Because of the noiselevel you start using in ear monitors (IEM).....
I have bad experiences with IEM due to resonances in the ears when playing, comparable with talking while holding the ears closed. I have a wireless system where I can mix the sound of the rest of the band with that of my saxophone. I use a reverb on the sax with Westone UM2 monitors.
Is there anyone out there who had the same experience (and solved this problem)??
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You know, if you have IEM's and if you can have your own little mixing board in front of you, that's absolutely the way to go. I played this festival at Harrahs and that's what we had. I could dial in the mix any way I wanted and man it was the best monitor experience I've ever had. Although, I found that IEM's didn't work all too well in a pit orchestra. I often kept my earbuds out because it didn't catch the acoustics the way it was supposed to...but then again I didn't have as much control over my monitor mix as I did at Harrahs. I find it's a lot easier getting a monitor mix while the band is playing too. I don't think the theater I worked for really understood that.
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