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Some of the members of this forum have been wondering if Lenny Pickett has put out any records after the fantastic Borneo Horns record. Recently Tim Price relayed the information about Lenny's great new website which is a real cornucopia of Lenny's own music with a wide range of different instrumentations.

However, a NEW RECORDING FROM LENNY is currently in plans and preparation: as a member of the Finnish big band UMO Jazz Orchestra, I can share with you now that this summer we are most likely to finally record our collaboration with Lenny. The music is by Lenny and the arrangements by him and the great Rich Shemaria, and the record should be out in 2013 followed by touring.

UMO, Lenny and Rich have performed the materials on two occasions already - in 2006 in Helsinki and in 2008 at the Pori Jazz Festival. The project started after Lenny and Rich had collaborated at NYU and had a couple of arrangements already. We at UMO decided to commission more arrangements in order to perform a full concert. Some recordings of those performances can be heard on Lenny's website already. However, these are, of course, not the final recordings to be released.

ANOTHER interesting project you might be interested in is our project of Lenny, Finnish saxophonist Pepa Päivinen (UMO baritone/woodwinds), Norwegian drummer Audun Kleive and myself Jouni Järvelä (UMO lead alto/woodwinds). In the summer 2012 we are organizing a tour of Europe, playing brand new music composed by Lenny specifically for this group, as well as some pieces from the "Dance music for Borneo Horns"-series and some contributions from Järvelä as well.

We already worked together for 6 weeks in 2008, and resolved right away to do it again as soon as possible…couldn't be more fun I have to say!

If someone is interested in booking the band (summer 2012), you should look at or contact our agent Mr. Juha Paaso at juha.paaso (at)

Feel free to comment or post questions here of course…any gossip generated will help come record release time :D

With best wishes,

Jouni Järvelä
lead alto/woodwinds
UMO Jazz Orchestra
Helsinki, Finland

My own website is at and (although it seems it's been down a bit lately…) and you can check out Umo Jazz Orchestra at .
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