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well, i've just moved into a semi-rural area and i can blow my horn as loud as i want all of a sudden.

makes a nice change from trying to mute everything because the neighbours are like ten feet away at my prior abode, and my self conscousness has disappeared and i can try stuff over and over without worrying about someone yelling out "give it up idiot!" - not that they ever have.

first day in the sticks and i practiced for hours rather than a half-hour to an hour a day.

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Hi Marton,

I live in northern NSW, 10 minutes out of my town on 5 acres, it is great I can walk past my horn and pick it up and blow any time I want day or night, and I love to play loud :D . When I went for my first lesson my teach said, well you sure can play it loud, your attack is not a problem :D

I am still a beginner and am now trying to play quieter, but I love getting outside and making one hell of a racket. I know my playing is much better than it would be if I lived in town.

Happy blowing mate, go blow them cobwebs out of your horn.

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