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Good keyboard/synth with acoustic sounds

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My wife wants our Roland electric piano back in the living room, so it has to go from my studio.........

I have to find a replacement. I use it both to record it's own piano sound, and as a simple midi keyboard for my Roland MC505 (a groovebox with tiny keys) which I use mainly as a sound module now my hardcore dance music days are over:cool:

The thing is I dont have that much room, and would also like some more realistic sounds than my MC505 can't give me (good bass/strings and fender rhodes)

To sum up, I am after a 88 or maybe 61 key, compact quality keyboard with good natural sounds, and partcularly good piano sounds. It could be an old model I can get off ebay, or a new one. This new keyboard is going on a desk.

Any suggestions or recommendations? I am looking at the M-audio prokeys88, but that is about it. The rolands and yamaha's seem expensive, and I dont need it to be "road tough" What about a proper synth?? I am not an expert on these so all advice welcome. A lot of synths in my price range (Juno-D, Nord Lead 2) seem dance orientated these days, good fun but not very useable for me.

Thanks in advance
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Can't go wrong with Korg Triton or Kurzweil K2000/2500/2600.

I have the Kurzweil 2500XS.
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