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Good Inexpensive Bass Clarinet Stand?

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I've been in need for a bass clarinet stand for doubling on my tenor, but the BC stands I've seen are doubles as bassoon stands, and around a hundred bucks. I need something a little cheaper.

Any suggestions?
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I've become impressed with the Hercules bass clarinet stand. It's design may appear to be odd at first in that it has two vertical arms -- one that holds the BC's bell in a saxophone stand style yoke and another that holds the upper body. In this respect it is more along the lines of saxophone stand than the kind of BC stands that have a cup for the instrument to rest in.

The Hercules stand is lighter and less expensive than other BC stands I've seen. When it's folded it's about 28" or 29" long. Another thing I like about the Hercules stand is it's adjustable so the height is good for a BC using a floor peg. When I first got the stand it took me only about 5 minutes to become comfortable with it.

The only music shop I've seen selling the Hercules BC stand is Weiner Music.

Good luck!

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