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Good Inexpensive Bass Clarinet Stand?

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I've been in need for a bass clarinet stand for doubling on my tenor, but the BC stands I've seen are doubles as bassoon stands, and around a hundred bucks. I need something a little cheaper.

Any suggestions?
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you can make a guitar stand into a bass clair stand (with out peg) . i would post a pic of mine but i cant cause i have sorry aol. any way buy the metal folding type (15$) and remove the cradle from the bottom -take it to a hardware store that sells plumbing suplies- find the plastic t pipe that fits the craddle mount (it slides on perfictly) then buy metal hooks for hanging stuff up on walls etc(this will become the bass clair craddle) drill holes into th e plastic pipe for the hooks -you now have a sturdy bass clarinet stand.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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