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Good for Playing Jazz?

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Is the P Mauriat PMST 66 a good jazz horn or is it more for classical?
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I've never played one, but I've never played a horn I felt was just suited for one style. A player with a good personal sound can make any horn sound how they want it to. If you've played one, and you like it, then by it. I would never buy a horn just off of what others have said.
yea i guess the only way to really tell what a horn is like is to play it yourself
JrSax said:
yea i guess the only way to really tell what a horn is like is to play it yourself
Yes - if you can play jazz it will sound like a jazz horn. If you can play classical it will sound like a classical horn. My teacher plays Mauriat (all models) or Mk VIs and always sounds like himself.
Earlier I pulled out my Yamaha student model 23 alto, just for fun as I hadn't played it in at least a year. I was blown away by how much I sounded like I did on my professional Selmer. The Selmer was slightly darker, but it was close. When I put my Series II neck on the Yamaha, it was almost too close to call. AND...some of the slight differences I noticed I would bet have to do with the fact that the Yamaha probably has leaks.

Point being, it really doesn't matter what horn you play on, necessarily. With enough practice, you will always sound like you. Equipment won't magically make you a good player.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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