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Good Beginner flute....

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Hello people!

My sister is starting to play the flute, and I wanted to know what beginner flutes would you recommend! Budget: $0-$500?? Thanks a lot!
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GEMEINHARDT 3SHB or 3OSHB with the offset G. You can get these almost new on eBay for around $500.

Here's a link:

These have:

Open-hole "French" keys
Silver Plated Body
Solid Silver Head
Low B key

I've got an older 3M model with a sterling head that my wife uses as a backup. It's really a good flute.
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Didn't we just have this discussion?:scratch:
We start it again every week.
lLamaSax, take a look at a few recent threads. The whole discussion is not likely to be repeated so soon. It would take a lot longer in total time for everyone who contributed to repeat what they said, than for you to read what they said.

Also, the same discussion happens regularly on
*sheepish look* should have checked! Sorry guys!
That's OK.
Another Delphi Groundhog Day!
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