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I may have made this suggestion before, but...once again, maybe:
I learned this ritual from a flute teacher years ago. Each day of the week, go through all the keys.
First the major scales C, Eb, F#, A. (up a minor third each time)) Second, thirds, starting a half step up: Db, E, G Bb.(again up a minor third). Third, 6ths, (up another half step) D, F, Ab , B.
Takes you through all the major keys in one day.
Monday as above, Tues. start half step up, doing same routine: scales, thirds and 6ths. Wed. another half step up: Scales (D) Thirds (Eb) Sixths (F). Thurs. like Mon, Fri. as Tues., Sat. as Wed. Sunday: day off not. :)
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