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Gloger Wait

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Just wandering what other people's experience with ordering a Gloger neck has been. I ordered (and fully paid for) a solid silver gloger neck for my mark vi bari through music medic 7 months ago next week. I contacted curt @ music medic a couple of times but didn't want to nag him anymore about it as I know it's out of his hands. I sent Karsten an email asking for a status report on the completion of my neck but have heard nothing back from him. Is this a similar experience for anyone else?

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Gloger over!

Shortly after I started this thread....wouldn't you know it...a package arrived.

After play testing it for just a couple days this what I have to report:
(On a Silver 63 XXX Low Bb Mark VI Baritone)

1. A drastic improvement in intonation. I'm really surprised by how much the scale of the instrument has been evened out. It was already not bad but I had to lip up a bit in the palm keys and drop my jaw between middle F and longer necessary.

2. An even "roundness" of tone. I've been working hard to develop a consistent roundness of sound from top to bottom and I really find that it comes to me immediately with the Gloger.

3. Better projection. It definitely has a larger sound that seems to respond quicker to airstream adjustments.

4. There's more "colors" in the sound to work with. I don't know how to explain it better than that. I feel the resonance of the horn clearer and hear more harmonics in the sound.

All in all I am very happy with the purchase. It's questionable whether or not the neck I had before was the original but regardless, I wasn't expecting such a dramatic difference. I really feel it's brought new life into an already great horn. Thanks Karsten and sorry about getting cranky about the was well worth it!
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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