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Gigs from Busking

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Just a question to you guys that have done some busking. Have you ever gotten gigs from busking? i.e. have someone come up to you while you were busking and offered you a gig or even an audition for a gig?

Just wondering, thanks all.
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years ago I was playing in the parking lot at work at lunch time, and a little hottie in a Honda asked me if I was in a band. I told her no, she asked if I wanted to be. At the time I didn't have any spare time so I declined.... close but no cigar.
Happened to me a few times - last time was last fall when I was practising/playing under a bridge in the center of my town. I played for half an hour and got a gig to play with a dj.

I got some session work out of playing at the T in Boston. I wouldn't count on it, though.
No. I've gotten most gigs on the phone.
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