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I'm looking at doing some shows in senior's residences. I've got a good number of tracks I did for guest ent shows on ships. I'm running the tracks with Go Button on my iPhone, the charts are in ForScore on my iPad, and I'll be getting either a Bose L1 Compact or Yorkville EXM 400 system to run the tracks through.

The bread looks like it's going to be OK too - $100 for a one hour gig within a 30 minute drive. I know a singer who has 50 gigs booked in December alone doing this type of thing.
Well, Merlin, you must be Merlin the Magician if you can book fifty, one hour gigs per month for $100 an hour.

I use a 40 watt bass amp for my backing tracks. My amp is called a "Block" and I bought used for under $100. Easy to carry and powerful enough to play small jazz venues on a bass guitar. Right now I play the tracks through my used Dell computer, but I just bought a tablet for $30 which I'm probably going to use in place of the computer. The trick for me is to keep it light. Sometimes I have to walk a long way with my setup. Oh, and be careful of this. If your backing tracks are both very elaborate and realistic, your horn can get lost in backing track.

Also, never tell a nursing home to pay you what they can or they won't pay you anything.
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