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Hi everyone--I'm getting ready to sell the following instruments--all have been unplayed for at least 20 years and will need some overhaul, but are in good structural shape.

Pictures attached but I have many others--pm me if you want to see more. I am in need of help in valuing these instruments.

All have original lacquer--are marked "U.S. Navy" but I acquired them legally!
28M Alto, Serial 345XXX, c. 1951 sadly no plastic keyguard, case not original

New Wonder Bari, Serial 129XXX, c. 1925 "lady" engraving, finish is gold--doesn't look lacquer, original case

12 M Bari, Serial 340XXX, c. 1950 silver, "Naked Lady" original case

Can you help me with a fair asking price for these horns?


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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