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Hello Everyone,

I have been playing since '89 with a huge hiatus the last 12 years (marriage, kids, career) and am just getting back to playing with all the excitement of a new student.

I have always played Selmers. Started with a Bundy II tenor (not really a Selmer) then to a '56 Mark VI alto to a '48 SBA tenor to my current horn in 194, a Mark VI tenor 165XXX.

However, I wanted to get an alto as I start getting all my chops back and have been shopping vintage horns. I considered a new alto but there is something about a vintage horn that inspires me to get it out of the case to practice everyday. I really love that. :)

So, my first thought was to get a Mark VI alto. I love them and always missed the old '56 I had. But man have the prices have gone crazy and my wife would groan at me for dropping that much cash on a saxophone that I just started playing again.

I started shopping and found a lot of love for Buescher on this forum and went ahead and bought a '48 Aristocrat Big B alto from a shop in DC. Serviced and looks great, plays well they say. It hasn't arrived yet so I thought I would start doing some homework to get some knowledge from all the great players here that have experience with these horns.

How does it match up (build-wise, tone, comfort, etc.) with a Mark VI or a Super 20 or 6M?

What is a good set up for it for Jazz?

I would really appreciate any insight you can give as I start exploring this new sax.

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