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I play sax in a ska band and I have for two years, but as my username indicates I'm primarily a tromboner. I played alto for all of elementary and middle school but I switched to bone once I hit high school. I didn't even look at my poor baby twice. Anyways, I was trying to find literature to practice the other day and I was coming up empty in terms of quality. Not surprisingly I had TERRIBLE taste in music in 8th grade "top 15 pop hits" "smooth jazz 101" and other seriously bad books. Seriously. Who thought it was a good idea for somebody to play "Copa de la Vida" on alto?

In terms of instructional books I have a hodgepodge of Standard of Excellence and Rubank's, which are fine for right now but they're a little uh.. below me. I'm working out of my "Intermediate Jazz" and "Advanced Technique" books but i'm looking for something akin to Arban's for brass instruments. I suppose I could just muck around with the real book or something since I'm primarily a jazz (kinda) player but some etudes or other practice material suggestions would be keen.
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