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Gerald Albright Signature Series Tenor!!!!!!!!

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Just came back from trying 4 different cannonball tenors:Gerald Albright , Raven, Brute, and Hotspur. In my opinion, the Gerald Albright and the Raven were very close. I really liked the brightness of the Gerald Albright but I fell in love with the low and high end of the Raven. I purchase on Monday 12/19/11. Anyone have any last minute suggestions to help me get that one tenor over the top?

Thanks, Ricky
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Others may disagree, but I think it's more likely that you can get a bright punchy tone on a "dark" sax with a high-baffled mouthpiece, than to be able to get a warm, dark and buttery tone on bright horn using a "dark" mouthpiece. The latter might really be better described as muddy.

So, I'd say that if for whatever reason, you're restricting your choice to a cannonball, get the raven and try pairing it up with a JodyJazz DV or a baffled Ron Coelho (RPC) piece to give it some edge when you need it.
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