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George ( Georgie ) Young

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I had the pleasure and honor to play on a session with him in 1971 or so. A Mobil gasoline spot

I recall him being in charge ( rightly ) of the small horn section
He was very precise about how long we would sustain a note value. Not just Eg a quarter note ... but for how long using an arithmetic number ( which I’ve forgotten ) .

I also played some bass with him at a jazz jam session in a building near Carnegie Hall

a great musician is George Young.

I was listening to a movie called “Tootsie” , and the tenor soloing you hear, was kind of generic for the time period , though spot on.
So I never paid much attention to it.
I haven’t seen the movie in a long time.

I recall Eddie Daniels, of all people, getting a similar generic tone ( 1980)
“smooth jazz “( sorry I don’t have a better description ) tenor sax tone.
I guess Tom Scott is a name that comes up for that sound / style
But Eddie Daniels normally had a tone that was quite different than that sound he mimicked ( I cannot recall circumstances )
I heard Eddie many times w Thad Jones Mel Lewis and he had a jazz tone with a rubber or plastic Link.

ok all of that to get back to George Young and “Tootsie” the movie.

if you listen to the whole movie
There is a scene where Dustin Hoffman is dancing with Charles Durning
Listen to THAT tenor player !
I was struck by it
It’s a different tone than the aforementioned tone Tom Scott / Eddie Daniels on that single occasion / and Georgie used For the theme song.

In the dance part , it’s a nyc club date band for Dustin to dance to.
Georgie nails that tone to perfection
He plays it better than the nyc club date guys ( he was imitating ) did....
A wide vibrato was Normal. But Georgie backs off on the over used vibrato

I find his tone on the dance sequence uniquely beautiful
I compare that tone to other iconic tones of Getz, Trane. Rollins etc

Georgie. You are one terrific musician
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To the member asking where I got info !
Pardon my lack of knowledge of things forum ! I assume you were asking me ?

the post I sent was all personal experience. I recall as a teen hearing the reputation of Georgie Young who could play outrageously high notes.. and he was playing in Cape May New Jersey. I never investigated where Young was actually playing , only that he was this great player in Cape May.
I was a native of New Jersey so the story for a teen was exciting to me. Years later 1971 I played one session with him - the gasoline commercial. I played elec bass and sax on that session. It is unforgettable for me because that session paid me over a year and a half period about $7000 or 8000 dollars . A very high water mark for me!
Then a few years after that I played a few jam sessions with him and his pal Lou Del Gatto . They both were mainstays on SNL TV show along with Lenny Pickett.

I did not know of the passing of George Young. If this is true , he is making music somewhere in heaven.

I recommend you listen to his tenor playing on Tootsie ... the theme music of that movie, I read was Georgie.. playing one style of tenor sax
But the live dance scene with Dustin Hoffman is a rare gem. I don’t recall whether an actor is playing the part of the band leader tenor sax player ... in the schmaltzy nyc club date band
But George is given credit as the sax player - so I assume the player in the dance sequence is in fact Mr Young

I’ve heard and on rare occasions played with those nyc tenor players. And I respect them ... but Georgie , is imitating that style and his imitative style just knocks me out.
Now, it may “go over your head”. You may think what is this old geezer going on and on about. But I’m insisting that that ( too ) brief recording is a diamond in the rough. I’ve never heard a nyc club date player - or ANYONE sound that beautifully. Give it a chance and see. Maybe you will think no big deal.
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I made a few errors in the previous post and don’t know how to edit.
I did not mean to say George on the dance sequence was the greatest playing of all time, only the perfection in his rendition of a nyc club date player was exquisite.
Coming from 20th century references, My favorite players started out with Paul Desmond Stan Getz and John Coltrane with Miles Davis. All of these musicians had extremely musical sounds.
Years later I encountered a drastically different sound - Grover Washington and his sound “knocked me out”.
As I grew in experience, my openness to music grew as well.
I now have a broader appreciation of saxophone than as a teen. But Mr Young hit a very high mark with that dance scene. My appreciation for George Young has increased with the passage of time.
Ok... so... this particular part of the forum is for musicians who have died. As far as I know, George is still alive.
can a moderator move this thread to the appropriate section
I'm very sorry I placed this high appreciation of George Young in this section

please delete it or move it
Thank you
Can a moderator MOVE this whole thread out of “in memory of”?
I tried to find a clip of that solo on YouTube but no luck.
me too, I happened to see the whole movie on TV. I then tried, as you did, to find it on YouTube .. no luck
Just to be clear: George Young is alive and well. I just got off the phone with him. :)
Humiliating to accidentally post about a great musician and later discover you ( me ) placed it in a category that has him deceased !
"I think the world", of Mr Young.

moderators. PLEASE correct this error quickly
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