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George Coleman Quartet in Thompkins Square Park, NYC August 25th, 2019

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Help!! To any member of the community here at SOTW, I am putting out a general request of any soul who may have or know someone who has or has access to a video (or audio) recording of the George Coleman performance on August 25th of 2019. George had asked me to join him which I thought might be a tune or two. Instead, I ended up playing the entire set with George and his group including his son George Coleman Jr. and organist Brian Charette.
It was an honor to once again play on stage with the great George Coleman, an iconic master and legendary musician, composer, arranger, educator, bandleader but an added thrill to be playing in honor of my ultimate jazz musician hero, Charlie Parker, or "Bird" as he's been known by all for ages.

As I was attending to George and providing transportation back home, I was unable to speak with any one of the dozens of folks out front filming the set with cameras on tripods or anyone filming the set with just their cell phone but it would mean a great deal to me if I were able to see and hear that performance. I'm very critical of my playing more than half the time and a very tough critic of myself much more than I am of anyone else, but I felt that it came off pretty well. It was a great day and George sounded so great as always so I hope that someone reading this might be able to get in touch with me if they know of someone who would have a video of the set from George Coleman's set from the August 25th 2019 Charlie Parker Jazz Festival in NYC. I thank you for reading this and wish everyone a wonderful new year!
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Excellent alto playing! I enjoyed it greatly.
+1, me too. :)
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