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GAS via net (infected through the internet).Details about Jody Jazz mpc

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I know that I shouldn’t buy a mouthpiece without trying it but I want that Jody Jazz classic with the spoiler.
Are they consistent in their production or you have to try a bunch to find the right one? Or should I turn to morgans which are more reliable as I read?
I have tried a meyer and I liked the sweet sound it has but a little bit lifeless for me. It would be nice to have that sound with some oomph added. I have also tried a Dukoff metal and had a really impressive, edgy sound, especially in the upper register (not suitable for long lasting practice though).

Would JJ have a dark, rich tone, and with the spoiler inserted, a bright, cutting through character? (not too much I’m asking).

Two and a half years in the trip, currently playing standards, and a little funk with a selmer super session E (0.078), Rico JS.

The JJ equivalent is 6 but I’m thinking of 7 (0.083). The wider tip opening would give me more space to control the reed (note bending) and more volume, and on the other hand more difficult to seal and harder to set down or am I wrong?

Also looking for reliable shop in the States.

Any suggestions welcome, sorry for the long post (just to remind: consistency, character, tip opening and i-shop)

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Production seems pretty consistent, but I wouldn't call the sound particularly dark (or rich). It's got a smallish, squarish chamber, and the tone is more high-mid rangy than the meyers. If a better Meyer is what you're looking for, the Morgan is a better choice. Or maybe Jody's HR*. It's like a smaller chamber Meyer than the Morgans are.
JJ's are very consistent.

Jody checks each mouthpiece.

You should be able to get JJ to send you one in Greece to try.

They sent several to me in New Zealand.
Just ask them to allow a bit of extra time for the courier.

I sent them an email as soon as the mpc arrived, and they replied
that I could keep the mouthpiece for evaluation within a reasonable
amount of time. As long as you stay in contact with them and let
them know what you are doing.

If you don't like it then you can send it back. All you have lost at
that point is the freight costs.
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double post
Yes his trial policy seems awesome.
As I understand I can order both classic and ESP, pay for one and return the other.
Talk to them.

Send them an email.

They are very flexible.

Remember that they will set aside the purchase on your credit card before

So you will need to have enough funds in your credit card to cover
both mouthpieces. This covers them in the event that you do not
return either mpc.
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