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Gaining more power-warmth

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Hy everybody,

Some days ago I played on a Mark VI for my first time. It' s surely a wonderfull horn but I sounded pretty much like on mine and I play a vintage Weltklang. I found this a bit strange. The thing I was amazed by though was the power of the Mark VI. When I say power I reffer to volume without loosing warmth! at all.
I played the Mark VI with my mouthpiece which is a Vandoren Jumbo Java T55.(+Rico 2.5 reeds)

My question is, how do I gain that power-warmth on my horn? Should I purchase for a better horn ( I play it for 5 years now) or should I change the mouthpiece?

(If you give me an advice please consider that I also tried a link 7* with Rico 3 reeds but my horn was showing to much resistence. It was not responding and the sound was to bright.)

Thanks in advance!

Greetings from Romania!:)
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Power and warmth...loose the Jumbo Java. They very easily become bright, harsh, and brittle. Im not saying they cant sound good. Im simply saying they generally dont. Some guys can do wonders with them but the basic design does not tend to lend itself to a large warm tone. Learn to get a large tone with technique. Extreme baffles are not a substitute for this. Note, I said "Large", not loud.

As for your experience with a sounds like you played a dud (there are many). It should have been far darker than the JJ you play.
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