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I've got a leak in my G# pad which affects the low C#, B and Bb since those mechanisms are on the same rack. I know this problem is caused by the G# arm which connects to the F# key.

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There's a screw that touches down to the top of the G# key cup. I've eyeballed it and I can see that the cup moves up and down just enough to let a piece of paper slip in. I'm not a tech or anything, so I don't want to mess around my horn for fear of damaging it. The arm mechanism is pictured below:
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Is this an easy fix? I don't have a leak light or any repair tools save for a screwdriver.

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Go slowly and adjust a small bit at a time. You want to turn the adjusting screw that is over the G# cup so that when you play F using the right index finger the tip of the adjusting screw just touches the G# cup. When done properly you should be able to lay the sax on its side and finger F. Watching very closely you should see that there is no upward pressure on the end of the arm from where it touches the G# cup and that the G# cup doesn't move when you finger G# with the F depressed. You should be able to press and hold G#, then press F which will close the G# via the arm, and when you release the G# while stilll holding the F there should be no additional closure on the G# cup.

If you go too far the F# cup won't close right and you'll then have to back off a bit. Unless you go WAY WAY too far and bend something there is little risk involved- perhaps a bit of patience required to get it just so if you've never done it before- but really, it's pretty basic in concept and in execution.

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And if the screw doesn't stay in adjustment, try putting a little Loctite or similar on it to keep it in place.
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