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FX, Honher, Addler - Max Keilwerth Club ?

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There does not appear to be a Honher owners club or and F.X.Huller owners club so possibly a Max Keilwerth owners / appreciation thread where one could espouse the virtues of the Hohners, F.X. Hullers and Adlers etc etc
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hmm, OK - I love my nickel plated Hohner President tenor sax if only for it's 4th palm key - the high F#. Was this a piece of Max Keilwerth brilliance? I mean when you're up there on those high notes it kinda' makes sense rather than an additional key next to the 'side' keys where you might find a G# trill and side F#.

My little F.X.Huller 'Champion' alto punches comfortably above it's weight with an authoritative tonal character.

Max was marvelous
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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