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Several members have asked for a bit more detail on my experience with this

At Steve Goodson's suggestion, after emailing him (VERY PROMPT RESPONSE) with
my needs, and my types of music, I selected the .105 tip opening. A few days later,
the piece came via mail, and my initial reaction looking at it, was it was beautifully
finished, both inside and out. The ligature was the single screw type, as indicated.

After playing it on my Yamaha 62 Custom Bari with a variety of cane and synthetic
reeds, for several hours total, my own impression is that it performed beautifully
with Hahn synthetics, Hartmann synthetics, Legere synthetics. Cane reeds from my point of view included Rico Plasticovers, Rico Royals, and some "unknown"
French Var Cane vintage reeds. Intonation on all was excellent, and all, between
2 and 3 seemed to speak with relative ease. That said, by far, the Hahns performed the best. The upper register was also quite impressive, with no false
fingerings required to high F sharp, and the often troublesome palm keys performed equally well, speaking immediately. Low notes were also fat and spoke
with ease. There was a "moderate" edge to this piece, even with synthetics.
Though bright, it was not a "paint peeler" compared to my Runyon Delrin Quantum. It is, however, a nice balance of brightness, edge, and fat sound. I found the ligature to be quite effective, and after trying some other makes, like
Rovners, and other metal ligs, I stuck with the ligature, as supplied.
I would recommend this piece highly to those who require a "fat" sound, with
good "edge", and great intonation. When pushed, it is capable of tremendous
volume, and out performs my Dukoff D 9, as an example.

Good luck, and think about this one......
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