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Just finishing up this one, serial 18,XXX identifies it as a Gold Medal model.

Stenciled "Pichard, Artist Model, Paris, France", which apparently was a somewhat common stencil for SML, as they appear now and again - original lacquer around 60-65%; the horn has been completely overhauled:

chem bathed
hand polished
new corks and felts
new pads
keys swedged
some minor dentwork done (it didn't need much)
rods and point screws cleaned and lubed
holes leveled (again, didn't need many)
reassembled, regulated

Perhaps not the belle of the ball...there are bare brass areas on the body and neck, typical spotting and scratching one finds on vintage horns, some keys have very minor pitting to the plating, etc.....but structurally, mechanically, functionally she is up to snuff and this was a very straightforward refurb, she didn't arrive here with any 'nasties'.
She's just.... vintage-y looking. Upon request I can apply a patina'ing agent to some of the larger brass areas to tone them down a bit...although this will naturally happen all by itself over the next few months...pretty typically the hue differences are highest contrast right after a cleaning, and the bare brass areas will darken.

Plays beautifully, keywork is free and snappy, intonation is in the pocket and of course she has that big, beefy SML tone...punchy, wide, lush.

Comes with what is probably her original case in fair shape. It is heavily repaired, and a lotta scratches and scuffs on exterior, it is still structurally OK for everyday use although one may wanna invest in something a bit more protective. But as it's likely the original case, we wanted to keep it with the horn.

$1059 plus ship, from New Mexico. US and Canada sales preferred.

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